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Bring change to the city of Detroit!  

BRINGING CHANGE TO THE CITY OF DETROIT.  We have dedicated our time to mentoring black youth, donating money to causes that disproportionately affect people of color, and raising awareness to issues that have a disparate impact on the black community such as unemployment, recidivism, poverty, incarceration, and lack of entrepreneurs.  In addition to providing quality products and services, our vision is to reduce Detroit’s crime, poverty rate and create employment opportunities for ex-offenders aged 18-30.


Our founder grew up in the city of Detroit, with a passion for beauty, fashion, business and traveling.  Born to a single mother, with only a high school education, she was raised in an impoverished area on Detroit’s east side. A product of Detroit Public Schools, a predominately black school district; her upbringing fueled her determination to make something out of her life.

She’s committed to making the world a better place by continuing to support local communities through food and clothes drives annually and mentoring black youth.

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